About Us

The story behind THE OAK48

Carries a long and old history in it, comes from the beautiful oak trees in our small village in Haifa/Palestine, and the number 48, is the year where my father was a child 6 years old and had to leave his hometown and land in 1948.

When I think what my father went through as a 6 years old child, the fear and sadness comes to mind. holding his mom’s hand to flee his hometown to safety, this made me work hard and excel with my brand to honor his memory, and keep the name of his little town in Haifa and Palestine always alive.

Reham Nazzal

Founder and CEO

Welcome to The Oak48, a website where you can find all the beautiful traditional and authentic products for all women and home goods.
My name is Reham, a passionate professional and hard-working mom who started her business in 2020. My love for our culture and the beauty of it, and how everything is hand-made and organic, made me want to build my business and share with other women so they can enjoy my products and be unique.